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  • Shipping containers recycled into affordable, accessible Utah home December 23, 2015Awesome shipping container home.  Build your own out of shipping containers in Salt Lake City, UT: Mike Norton
  • Simple Ways To Keep Your Shipping Container Off The Ground December 22, 2015Great information, buy shipping containers online here Mike Norton
  • Shipping Container M&A: Sign of Weakening Economy December 12, 2015A few weeks ago it was announced that Triton and TAL would merge to form a massive container leasing line with nearly 5-million TEU’s in the combined fleet. On Friday news came of Chinese Government approvals for COSCO and China Shipping to merge and become the 4th largest global shipping line… Just one spot behind CMA CGM, who is working […] Mike Norton
  • The ELD Mandate and GPS Pizza Tracking October 1, 2015As you may know the ELD (electronic logging device) mandate release was pushed back a month and will now come at the end of October.This gives everyone another 30 days to complain about the high cost of implementing the technology to their fleet.Technology Improvements to GPS TrackingELD systems have come down in price as technology has improved.  […] Mike Norton
  • The E-Log Mandate Comes Out In September... Is Your Fleet Ready? August 31, 2015How Can Small Fleets Prepare for the E-Log Mandate?On September 30th your federal government will enact a mandate on all businesses, large and small, requiring CDL drivers to record their logbook hours electronically.This law will impact private fleets, as well as for-hire carriers. Almost everyone who has commercial drivers in their fleet will need an E-Log system in […] Mike Norton
  • Shipping Container Dimensions August 18, 2015I've had a number of requests looking for shipping container dimensions from consulting clients and customers looking to buy containers at wholesale.To help, I've created this form that lists ISO Shipping Container Dimensions for 20' containers, 40' containers, and 40' High Cubes.Anyone is free to re-use this image, so long as they don't crop out […] Mike Norton
  • Cold Calling is a Waste of Time, Talent and Money August 14, 2015The most troubling aspect of the pace at which technology has improved business operations is there are a lot of successful people floating around doing things the way they did in 1994. The exponential technology boom has dramatically changed the way we buy… but for the most part people are still trying to sell the same […] Mike Norton
  • How Fear Motivates Employees August 4, 2015A consistent phrase of managerial advice is to “light a fire under” your employees.  The idea being that the best way to create an intense sense of urgency is to bring fear into the equation to enact a primal instinct to resolve a situation that threatens safety.This is absolutely true.  Fear is probably the most powerful motivator […] Mike Norton
  • How to Excel at Something Simple (Like Portable Storage) August 4, 2015The Portable Storage industry is simple.  You take a big metal box, and move it to a place where you can charge a customer money.  That’s it.  But, somehow, there are people and companies that consistently stand out above their industry peers.  Those who you can rely on for a high level of service and […] Mike Norton
  • Time is Not Money. Money is Money. August 4, 2015Manage your employees to results, not to clocks.Recently The Economist published an article highlighting the work of John Pencavel and his study of the relationships between working hours and productivity.  This most recent article was a bit of an “I told you so” from the consistently snarky, but always clever, staff at The Economist (following up an article they put […] Mike Norton
  • Fuel Management and the Undeniable Power of Free Hot Dogs August 4, 2015If you’re not managing fuel, hot dogs and coffee can cost you $3,000+ per truck annually.Fuel is usually the highest cost item in any fleet (sadly, more expensive than the driver).  Most companies don’t manage it daily. That complacency is probably costing you $3,000 per truck annually for local/regional fleets and double that for long-haul […] Mike Norton


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