Wholesale Shipping Containers

Buy Used Intermodal Shipping Containers at Wholesale

Western Container Sales offers used shipping containers at wholesale prices. We work directly with intermodal shipping companies and equipment providers to sell their end of life shipping containers.  Every container we sell comes directly from cargo circulation, and is guaranteed to have doors that seal properly, a floor free of holes, and a roof that doesn't leak.  The container is also covered by a one year warranty (please note, that the warranty does not cover contents).

We place a wholesale margin on top of our cost, as one of the largest buyers of intermodal shipping containers in North America, and deliver the shipping container on a roll-off trailer directly to the customer within 4-7 business days.

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Need to Buy Wholesale Shipping Containers in Bulk?

For customers that need to purchase more than ten (10) used shipping containers at a time, please complete the wholesale quote request form at Western Container Sales.

What Makes Western Container Sales Different?

We help customers buy & rent steel shipping containers online at WesternContainerSales.com Whether you need to rent a 20' storage container, or buy a 40' shipping container, Western Container Sales can help.

Shipping Containers at Wholesale Prices from Coast to Coast